Born in 1983. Grew up playing the piano, recording fake radio shows on tape. Eventually Niels otherwise known as Space Operator made his start in DJ’ing by learning to beat match using a single snare-driven turntable and a tape deck. Mid-1990s he got his first pair of Technics SL-1200MK2s.

Playing live since the early 2000s until present day in several genres (various types of house music, (Italo) disco, high energy, techno), preferring to use vinyl by choice. Played at venues in Holland, Germany, Denmark and Spain. Specialises in the sound of the 1980s and has been a part of the Cybernetic Broadcasting System / Intergalactic FM community since 2004, having contributed mixes and played sets at the infamous Panama Racing Club in The Hague.

Currently making a comeback he plays at various bigger and smaller venues in Holland including but not limited to the Intergalactic FM festival, Zend/Dekmantel club tour, Wibar (Leiden), Disco Total, Bordello A Parigi and Studio 508.

zaterdag 01 jul - 01:15