The dopest boards in town!

Shhh Board Sports - Boards to go fast and to go big!

Shhh Board Sports originated in 2006 as Shhh Skimboards. Boardsporter and founder Fabian Brands from The Netherlands wanted to offer high quality and affordable flatlandskimboards for the growing Dutch skimboardscene, he built a complete flatlandskimboardpark for them and he also organised a lot of meetings and contests.

One of the former sponsored riders of Shhh Skimboards named Adrien Raza reached the absolute top in flatlandskimboarding worldwide and he is Europeans number one for years now.

Now Shhh Board Sports is fully back with flatlandskimboards, three types of longboards and also with paddleboards. This time again with high quality and professional crafted boards and still for very affordable prices. This guarantees to go really fast, to go big and to go with style. So Shhh Board Sports is the way to go!